Are You Selling Your Soul Just To Pay The Bills?

Discover How to Reconnect to Yourself, Your Purpose & Your Family

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Dr. Vijaya Nair

Vijaya Nair, M.D, F.A.M.S.,M.S.Spiritual Health & WellBeing Expert

Founder of and CEO of and Author of Prevent Cancer, Strokes, Heart Attacks and other Deadly Killer. Dr. Vijaya is a Ivy league trained physician, medical researcher, author, and international speaker.

Typically I work with business owners, executives and professionals who are working long hours, managing challenging employees and or superiors at work, struggling to produce a profit and find balance and joy between career, personal and family life.



Has your daily grind led to an exhausting and inauthentic life?
Does work stress regularly infiltrate your downtime with friends & family?
Do you spend most of your day on autopilot, overwhelmed by the pressures of both home & work?


You can reestablish balance in your life and make your happiness a priority once again. You can connect to your higher power. You can enjoy a vibrant, radiant and joy-filled life as a working parent. And you can start right now.

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