Tip #1: The “Take 5 Minutes” Meditation

You can introduce the “Take 5 meditation minutes” throughout your day. Start by setting a timer for 1 minute and slowly progress to 2 then 3 to 4 to 5 minutes.. Your job is to focus your entire attention on your breath. Do abdominal breathing, as this will relax you the most.

Breathing in: Belly moves out and when you breathe out belly moves closer to your spine.

Just enjoy the breath and the sensation of your belly moving. Take 5 seconds for the in breath and 5 seconds for the out breath. This will relax your body, mind and emotions, and flush out any negative emotions, worries, anxieties or fears.

You may practice this exercise with eyes closed or open. When your mind goes into thoughts, just gently bring back your attention to your breath.

The “Take 5 Minute Meditations” can be a wonderful practice for the times when you feel stressed or out of sorts. You will definitely feel calmer and will in a very short time find that you are less reactive to situations and people around you! My busy clients love this exercise!

After Meditation:

It’s good to pay attention to the time after meditation. After every meditation, it is a good idea to come back to awareness of your physical body, by gently rubbing your palms together- creating warmth in your hands, and placing your hands on your eyes, face, and neck.

You may also like to pat gently your body- Your chest, your liver, your spleen, and kidneys to awaken them back into activity. Do some light stretching so you are fully awake and in your body.

It’s great to meditate, even if its only for a few minutes, as you will feel energized and refreshed, but it’s also important to get into the practice of grounding yourself so that you can have the energy to do what you are meant to do!

Another great and most effective way to enhance your meditation practice, is to listen to guided visualization meditations.

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